Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Kubera Wealth Corporate Day

Company Days/Golf Clinics

I recently took part in the Kubera Wealth Corporate Day at Batchworth Park Golf Course.

Stuart Poonawala put together a wonderful day for his clients that started out with a light lunch and introduction to the day.

After lunch I carried out a short game clinic for all participants, I worked on the use of different loft around the green to achieve a variety of chip/pitch shots.

As the golfers set out on the course, Stuart and I spent time with each group so that I could pass on some advice and Stuart could take some great pictures.

Thanks Stuart for a great day, we all enjoyed the day and you left no stone left unturned.

For information on how I can help with your corporate date whether it be organising, golf clinic, beat the pro event or participating please email me:

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