Friday 11 May 2012

Putting - Precision Ball Striking

The key to consistent putting is lies in your ability to strike the ball out of the centre of the clubface (sweetspot) with an accelerating clubhead.  Combine this with a square clubface (to intended target line) at strike and you will surely hole more and more putts.

A great way to measure how you are striking your putts simply follow the below drill and let me know how you get on

Precision Ball Striking Drill

For this drill I have simply used two pieces of Blu-Tac and placed them an inch apart either side of the sweetspot on my putter.  I have also used my alignment sticks as swing path guides, which I would recommend for all practice sessions.

I have used this drill with putts of about 3-4 feet and then gradually moved back to 20 feet.  Go through your normal putting routine and strike the putts towards your target.  If you hit the centre of the clubface then you will see the ball roll as normal but if you mishit the putt then the ball will travel at about 45 degrees away from your target as the ball struck part of the Blu-Tac.

Once you have successfully struck 5 putts from 3-4 feet then move back 3 feet at a time until you reach the 20 feet range.

For a simple drill for clubface control click the below link:

Priority Putting

There is no better place to check your stroke or discuss your findings than the academy, contact me now to book in a putting lesson.

Good luck


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