Monday 29 August 2011

Braggie's Golf Tips - Putting Priority

Hole more putts than you ever have before.

The most effective way to look at putting, and importantly our evaluation of putts is to look at it in a more simple way;

We often get bogged down with reading the green, judging speed, size of stroke, stance width, ball position,  bad strokes and stress etc!!! to name but a few.

This tip is designed to focus the mind on the things you can control, and not be driven crazy by the things you cannot!

Look at a putt as a 6 inch target.

If you can strike the ball 'online' for the first 6 inches and with a reasonable pace then you have succeeded, you have if you like "holed it".

After the ball as left the putter face, you no longer have control of it.  It is in the lap of the gods as to what happens next...sadly will power alone will not make it go into the hole!

Practice Method - Prioritise the first 6 inches.

  • Place a ball marker in the ground approx 6-10 feet from a hole (or fringe of green).
  • Place two tees 6 inches in front of the ball marker just wider than a golf ball.
  • Place the ball on top of the ball marker.
  • Practice hitting putts through the tees.

Every putt that goes through the tees is a Holed Putt!

Practice Set Up

Additional Pace Practice

  • If putting to a hole, lie a club shaft 2 feet beyond the cup.

A "Holed Putt" is one that goes through the tees and finishes either in the hole or between the hole and club shaft (good pace).

Give this a try over the next few weeks in your practice and play, seeing yourself "hole" more putts will start to enforce a more positive, confident mindset and help to lower your scores.

Good Luck


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