Tuesday 26 July 2011


Hi All,

We are nearing the end of July and this month has flown by.

As you are aware the academy now boasts a full range of Cleveland Golf and Srixon Golf equipment.  

I'm also using 14 Cleveland Golf clubs, woods and putter along with the Srixon Z-STAR XV ball. 



The first 5 people that email me DarrenNLGA@gmail with the following code will receive a dozen Srixon AD333 or Soft Feel balls for only £10!!
Promo code - DBCG4

Karl Morris
The Mind Factor

Last week Karl visited the academy and delivered a wonderful seminar for 50 guests.  Those of you who attended I'm sure have taken some great pointers to work on to help lower your scores.
Remember that True Confidence is produced by Evidence.

Playing Lessons

Over the last 6 weeks I have been fortunate to spend many hours on the course with my clients, this time should never be underestimated as it provides me the opportunity to see how you are taking the technical and and course management work onto the course. Not only this but it shows me how you think about your game, what shots you select and also a chance to showcase some new shots in certain situations that will help broaden your options on course.

I hope you are enjoying your summers golf.



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